Radiation is a noun. It is real, and is in fact the energy of reality. Everything has a vibration unique to its own frequency. All life whether considered sentient or inanimate radiates a force field which may either attract or repel. We used to speak of "vibes", radiating from people or places. These vibes were said to be either good or bad. I prefer to say they were and are either attracting or repelling and their frequency largely determines how we interact with the world around us. Let's focus on both what we experience and what we are radiating. It is a dichotomy that each affects the other.

 When one experiences what may be considered a bad vibe or negative radiation one is repelled and reacts. The reaction often causes us to want to either exit the situation or try to change it. Either way we most often get into conflict and thus our resonance goes down. We then radiate more dissonant patterns. On the reverse, when we encounter  "good" vibes radiating from people or places we tend to be uplifted. Knowing this and acting upon it determines how we experience life.

 So as I've suggested before, where our attention lies determines our experience of life. Where does your attention lie?  What is dominating your thought processes?  What are you creating automatically without thought of the consequences?  Do you realize that only by radiating positive patterns will you attract positive experiences? Please examine your state of being and determine if you are pleased with the results.  If you are not happy with your life it's likely you are radiating ideas of lack, limitation, fear, anger, or apathy. So, there is no one to blame. We are creator beings and our reactions create a large part of our reality.

 What's the solution? It is simple. Change your mind to change your life. This is easily accomplished when we are aware of where our attention is focused. If we dwell in the perceived problems of life without a focus on the positive we will be radiating frequencies which others find negative and conflicting. However, when we focus on solutions and positive possibilities we radiate attracting patterns. Thus we will attract either "good or bad" into our experience depending on our state of mind.

 In today's conflicted world it is paramount that we focus of the positive solution in spite of evidence to the contrary.  See the world you want. Immerse yourself in thought patterns of peace, harmony and joy. Go within and see yourself radiating this to all of creation. You see, as usual, the answers are within. If you put all your attention on problems you attract more of that pattern to you. When you have a vision of peace, harmony and resonance then that is what you will radiate.

  When we hear the word radiance we most often associate it with uplifting thoughts. What are you radiating? If you are not experiencing a pleasant world likely your attention is only focused on problems and you are radiating frequencies which others find negative. It is time to develop an inner landscape of harmony, resonance, and success. What you put out will return so make it your intent to radiate uplifting thoughts. If you stay focused on lack and negativity you will expand it. So the process becomes one of seeing where our attention is and making an effort to place it on positives. Find activities that are uplifting. Stop spending time in the doom and gloom of the mainstream. There are forces that are working to keep you down. Are you willing to be a victim? If not , then the simple solution is to be a high vibe radiant being and thus enjoy radiance in your experience.

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