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is definitely all that is!!!

We have dedicated The Devic Centre & Able Crystals and Therapies to help people attune to Universal frequencies. A Shaman summed it up succinctly with the following:

There is no stuff in the universe. It is all energy. Energy has consciousness.

Quantum Physics is verifying this at every turn. Everything has a frequency, and resonance unique to itself, but part of the whole.

We therefore recognize the "Conscious Intelligent Oneness" inherent throughout the universe and maintain that since it is conscious we can communicate with all of it. This spirit of cooperation implies that we must become co-creators and cease our attempts to impose our will on mother earth. Our site will attempt to promote this concept and we encourage those of like mind to submit links and articles echoing this premise.

What is Truth?

Truth is diverse. This is somewhat contradictory, but proves that all things hold true according to one's understanding at the moment. There is no need to debate over who is wrong or right. We are who we are at the moment until a new insight arises. Once we understand this we will no longer feel the need to prove it. We simply live it as it evolves.

MAGIC is SCIENCE that is not understood. Once you understand it, it becomes natural.

The only reason we can have the light resonance we have, is because of the darkness we have embodied.Therefore we must embrace them both.

Michael D. Stodola

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