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The Double Terminated Beamer

Double Terminated BeamerThe Double Terminated Beamer is  slightly more powerful than the regular Beamer. This is due to its configuration. This device  can be used for all of the applications that a regular Beamer can be used for.  Please see the sheet entitled "The Beamer" for these sample applications. 

Additional Applications

We have found that the  Double Terminated Beamer  can help to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain and body.  The ideal way to do this  is for an individual  to  place a Double Terminated Beamer in front of them and then  place their hands so that the palm of each hand is approximately 3/4 inch  away from each  tip. As the person  receives the energies, they receive a balance of their brain and their body.

The Double Terminated Beamer  was originally  created to work in  conjunction with  a regular Beamer. We have found that when an  individual sits with the Double Terminated Beamer  as described above and places  a regular Beamer on the either side of the  Double Terminated Beamer to create a capital T formation, the T cells in the body become energized.

When the Double Terminated Beamer is held  vertically during meditation, it helps to balance and harmonize the chakras and the meridian system.

When the double terminated Beamer is held horizontally and /or turned in a clockwise fashion,  the energies harmonize our auric field.

The Double Terminated Beamer
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