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  "Devices which help to focus energy to help heal your mind and body."  


A crystal wand has a force field or aura around it like any other object. It is easy to feel that field when you slowly wave the tip of the wand over the opened left palm. Some people also may feel uplifted in their vibration just by holding the wand in their hand. But the actual value of the crystal wand becomes apparent when you run ki, chi, prana, orgon or life force through it. The copper or silver handle acts like a capacitor, storing chi, and the crystal acts like an amplifier and focussing Device when the stored chi is released.

Before any healing or other use of the wand, I connect with Mother Earth by imagining tap roots going from my spine and feet deep into Mother Earth. I smile because I am in the presence of a great person, as a gesture of love, and because it makes me receptive to her love. On the inhale I imagine drawing her love through my legs into my spine and heart. On the exhale I imagine sending this love from my heart through my arm, through the wand to the desired destination of the energy. The imagination is the tool with which I move the energy. As a healer I never use my own energy, that would deplete me within a short time. Rather I pump the energy I use either from Mother Earth or from Father Heaven. The crystal wand would be like a water hose with which I spray the energy.

You pump Heaven Chi by imagining on the inhale, that you draw sweet heavenly energy through the top of your head into your heart, and on the exhale you send it from your heart through your arm through your wand to its intended destination. It is very important to smile, because due to the body/mind connection it is very difficult to transmit love without smiling.

There are many different uses for a crystal wand. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Painting the walls with love I stand 3 - 4 feet away from a wall, pump earth love and spray it with the wand in an up and down motion on the wall. Then I go around and paint the wall with heaven love. Try and compare to non painted wall. Make sure you smile.
  • Charging of water and plants Life force has always been the key to well being. So why not charge up your drink and food? You will find your food tastes better, makes you feel good, digests easier and you drink more water naturally. Just point your wand on your food and pump heaven or earth love till the food starts glowing or you feel it buzzing with energy. Check with your hands the force field of your plants, zap them with earth love and check on how their force field has changed.
  • General clearing of a person Person stands 3 - 4 feet away from you. You spray earth love from their hips down the legs into the Earth. You imagine you clear away unwanted or stagnant Chi just like you would with a water hose. Clear out from the shoulders down the arms and out from the hands. Clear the spine out the legs. Start pumping heaven love and clear from the shoulders out the head up to six feet above the head. Then imagine combing out impurities from the body and force field with sweeping motions going from the center of the person to 3 - 4 feet outside their body. Strange sensations may occur when blocks of energy are released and chakras are opened. The effect of the wand should be easily observed in the physical world. For instance the facial expression will change and adapt to the minutest release of energy. The breathing pattern will change instantly when a energy hot spot has been discovered. Also the mood of the room varies according to the emotions processed. There may be fear, panic, sadness and all the emotions that are suppressed because they are considered unpleasant. The healer will most likely feel/experience the energies in his own body. So it is very important to stay connected to the love from heaven and earth, especially when strong emotional charges are being released. The healer has to be very careful not to absorb any of these energies. He has to make sure that he is connected to the heavens and grounded at all times and keep his vibration up. As long as you are smiling you are ok. You should also purify the room by burning sage or by blowing a conch shell, for example. To be on the safe side take a hot shower after the healing. There have been cases where I spend two days in bed because I thought I could handle the energies.

Please check out crystal wand catalog at the link for exquisite and powerful wands. Have a great time with your wand.

Wolfgang Arndt

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